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David Kennet



“Life is a symphony, and the action of every person in this life is the playing of his particular part in the music.” ~ Hazrat Inayat Khan

Whether we are conscious of it or not, sound and music often play a significant role in our spiritual, emotional growth throughout a lifetime. It could be the shrill tones of our third grade teacher threatening to send us to the dungeon if we don’t behave, or the caring voice of mom or dad reading a bedtime story. The music we danced to in our teens and continue to dance to in our adult years can conjure a plethora of emotions and memories. Clearly, sound is a powerful force that has a profound effect upon us.

“Musical sound lies within the very hearts of the atoms” ~ Dr. Donald Andrews, PhD. chemist, John Hopkins University

Throughout ancient times many cultures have used the power of sound and music to heal the body and uplift the spirit. At the very core of our existence we are vibrating. Physicists have discovered that at a subatomic level our atoms are “singing”.

“You can look at disease as a form of disharmony. And there’s no organ system in the body that’s not affected by sound and music and vibration.” ~ Mitchell Gaynor, M.D.

Every cell, tissue, gland and organ of the body vibrates at a particular frequency. Using the principle of resonance, intentional sounding can be used to balance not just our physical body but our emotional state as well. Sound Healer Jonathan Goldman has given us a simple formula to effectively apply this knowledge: Intention + Sound = Healing.

Soul Sounding is a transmission of high vibrational energetic tones that help shift you (the listener) into a deeper state of awareness, allowing you to re-member Home. Home is where the Heart is . . . where unconditional love, unlimited joy and peace reside. This tonal offering has the potential of slowing down if not completely halting confusing mental chatter giving you the opportunity to enter into a timeless state of balance and clarity.

Peace and Infinite Blessings…..

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MARK YOUR CALENDARS for Shamanic Sound Healing with David Kennet:

• Wednesday, March 9th @ 6 pm – Salt Cave Santa Barbara, 740 State St, RSVP (805) 963-7258

• Friday, March 11th @ 6 pm – Salt Cave Santa Barbara, 740 State St, RSVP (805) 963-7258

Check-out David’s new CD, Ancient Stories, Music for the Soul! Now available at:

David performs regularly at the newly installed Salt Caves of Santa Barbara located at 740 State Street. This 1 hour and 30 minute long sacred sound ceremony includes useful tools on how to balance your energy on your own by “toning” as well as a spiritual vibrational transmission of unconditional Love. Each attendee receives a individual, customized sound healing from David. Reclining chairs and blankets are provided. Call in advance to reserve your spot! (805) 963-7258 More>>

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FREE e-book: 11 Powerful Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System and Help Prevent Allergies!

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