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Learn About Soul Sounding

Soul sounding is a sound voyage, a journey within. Using crystal singing bowls, tibetan bowls, drum, flute and his voice, David offers a vibrational transmission that helps us to reconnect with our Heart Center and melt away perceived limits and obstacles. David also shares a simple and useful technique of toning that balances the main energy centers of the body.

Drawing upon over 25 years of vocal experience and sound healing techniques, David offers vocal training for those who wish to re-discover their authentic voice or “Soul Sound”. Your Soul Sound is what connects you to the core of your Being. Finding that Sound is incredibly useful, for every time you use your Voice (whether you are speaking or singing) you are re-aligning with your authentic nature; that part of you which is not temporary, but Eternal. When placed right, the sound of your Voice entrains all the cells of your body/vehicle to your divine Essence.

What happens in a private sound healing session with me:

In a private one on one healing session, I offer Vibrational Reprogramming. This is an opportunity to zero in on exactly what you wish to create in your life and to release emotions that are preventing it from happening. Firstly we use affirmations and muscle testing to determine what you might be unconsciously rejecting without knowing it. Sound combined with specific empowering Intentions (as well as Cranio-sacral therapy) is then used to re-educate the cells and subconscious mind. Intentional sacred sound penetrates our skin….it travels deep within us reaching the marrow within our bones allowing us to re-member Home. Home is where the Heart is . . . where unconditional love, unlimited joy, and peace reside.

Benefits include:
• the actualization of personal and professional goals
• better sleep
• eradication of addictions
• allergy symptom relief (food and environmental)
• the release of heavy negative emotions and trauma
• increase in self-esteem and confidence
• increase in focus and clarity

Sessions are offered in person or over Skype

In addition to Soul Sounding, David offers Sound Reiki, house clearings, groundbreaking events, and workshops.

Here are samples from David’s CD “Soul Sounding: Music for Meditation and Transformation”:



CLICK HERE for to hear more tracks from David’s two CD’s:


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